What good is all of this valuable content we create if your website doesn’t function the way it should? Good web structure is still the foundation of a good web experience. It helps people find your products and services with little effort, which builds trust and increases your chances of making a sale or earning a referral.

Remember: “A weak foundation doesn’t make a good home.”

Our Website Structure & Planning Services

We use trusted data and analytics to guide all of our web structure decisions. This helps us make valuable updates to the areas of your website that need the most immediate attention.

Our website structure and planning services include:

  • URL structure and website navigation planning
  • Optimized keyword planning
  • Technical search engine optimization (SEO) structure
  • Content management system structure and maintenance
  • Transfer of hosting or domains
  • Website usability testing
  • Analytics and user flow tracking
  • Web page remapping and redesign
  • Follow-up analytics testing and adjustments, as necessary

Contact us today for help with your website’s structure, layout, and optimization.